Princess Shu

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Bizzare phenomena all over the continent struck fear in the mighty Guelle empire. A sacrifice must be made to appease the heavens. How convenient is it that the royal throne just put out an announcement that they’re looking for a tribute bride of noble birth with a hefty sum of money as reward? Enter Valia Dean, who just overcame her second near-death experience as a destitute orphan. In order to save Karl, the senile mercenary who raised her in her late parents’ absence, Valia volunteers to marry Marquess Shuden Gartt, whose reputation for massacre pales in frightfulness to the coldness of his gaze. Valia, hardened by misfortune, orphancy, starvation, and betrayal, accepts what seems to be certain death. Even in marriage, she will not love. It won’t matter how handsome, rich, gentle, chivalrous, and caring he is, or how lovingly he behaves as her husband, right?

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Chapter Princess Shu